How do I schedule a deposition?

There are several ways to schedule a deposition with Palm Beach Reporting Service, Inc. You can call our office to speak to a live representative. Secondly, you can send an email with your job details in the message body or as an attachment.Our office staff will promptly process your information and contact you for confirmation. Last, you may schedule a job online by logging into your client account or using the scheduling form which does not require you to log in. You can read more about our online services here.

How long will it take to get a transcript of my deposition?

The standard turnaround time for a transcript is 10 business days. We do provide expedited services to clients that wish to have their transcripts sooner. Please contact one of our service representatives for further information on expedited transcripts.

How long are my transcripts available online?

Unless instructed otherwise your transcripts and other data will always be available to you through our online repository.

Is there a fee for storing my data in your repository?

There are no extra fees or hidden charges with storing your data online with us.

Do I need additional software in order to access the online repository?

No additional software is needed to access your files. Just open our website in your favorite web browser and log in. It’s that simple.

Which formats are available for ordered transcripts?

Transcripts may be ordered in several different formats depending on your needs. Your options are Condensed, ASCII, Word Index, E-Transcript and AMICUS.

Our stenographers are standing by to provide you with top quality litigation services. Schedule your next deposition or transcription today.